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October 2017 - May 2018

255 made the long journey to Glasgow for the Bridgeton Bus Weekend ( 7 - 8 October ).
The bus and crew set off early, under stormy skies, on the preceding Thursday, for the first leg of the journey to Garside, not far from Kendal.
Despite the ominous skies, the weather settled into a fine, warm day.
We'd all brought along warm clothing and blankets just in case, as 255 in motion can be cold, very cold. However, recent work on the windows and the recent addition of the external shades has made the interior draught-free.
Keeping off motorways as much as possible, we first utilised the A5, darting through the Midlands, through Chesterfield, Huddersfield and as the sun set we headed into the Yorkshire Moors, passing under the Ribblehead viaduct shortly before arriving at our remote destination about 7.30pm.
We'd made it, but 255 was struggling a bit on the hills towards the end.
Suitably refreshed and with a few more friends on board, we departed for the remainder of the journey, making the most of the empty roads once called the A74, arriving at Bridgeton about 4pm where we were warmly welcomed.
Most of the crew helped remove the dirt from the journey before we left and drove to our accomodation ready for the following day.
We had decided to use the 255 for the service on Saturday and place her on display Sunday.
So it was that we managed to cause quite a stir passing through the streets of friendly Glasgow during our four trips.
Not many of our passengers had been on a bus like it before, and this makes the group very happy that others have an opportunity to ride this unique vehicle.
Sadly, we had to depart by 4pm on Sunday to give us a fair chance to get to our overnight at Carlisle in good time, not before the kindness of ???? at the museum who fixed the temperamental wiper motor for us.
Another early start saw 255 behave fautlessly on the return, and overall, returning just under 12mpg.

The re-fixing of the shades is nearing the end of completion and 255 will return home for winter storage, ready for a repaint early next year into her 1950 colour scheme (basically a bit more green), along with a few more subtle bodywork changes.

Oct 2017

On May 12, 255 was utilised at short notice on a tour of the STANTA military training area in Norfolk, near Thetford.
A full load and at times, plenty of lean on the road that form this closed area. The passengers seemed to enjoy it!

May 2018

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